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Hanks Hear-Point Eye Charts
  1. Habitual Testing
    Habitual Testing
    Ideal for testing near vision in habitual positions. Presented in a convenient double-sided A4 format, so you always have the "right" chart.
  2. Realistic Tasks
    Realistic Tasks
    The charts include representations of tasks that patients can relate to - Music; Stock-listings; Classified ads; Textbooks, Magazines, Phone book, Digital device, Computer display, etc.
  3. Easy to Order
    Easy to Order
    The convenience of ordering on-line. Visit our Store and complete the secure order form, with payment by Visa or Mastercard. (PayPal a/c not needed)
Double sided - Includes the chart for "General Purpose / Adults" and the chart for "Children".
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  1. Usable Corridor
    Usable Corridor
    The latest edition includes the "Usable Corridor Width Scale". This measures the width of the usable reading area in each eye, or binocularly. (See "Support" page).
  2. Range of Sizes
    Range of Sizes
    Calibrated range of clinical sizes . . . - Point sizes from 4 to 26pt. - Snellen from 40/25 to 40/200. - Jaeger from J1 to J16. - Decimal from 1.60 to 0.20. - Approx reading age from 3 to 13 yrs.
  3. Adults & Children
    Adults & Children
    There are two versions on reverse sides - one for adults and the other for children. All with real-life tasks. Supplied in sets of 3 for convenient use around the practice or clinic.
  4. TGA & Laminated
    TGA & Laminated
    Medical Device (Class 1) with the Aust Therapeutic Goods Admin – ARTG Record No 164851. Produced on durable A4 cardboard with heavy lamination.
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  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director
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