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  1. MP3 Audio File
    MP3 Audio File
    "Optometry Messages On Hold" is an audio file for use on phone systems when patients are placed on hold. Provided in mp3 format for universal compatibility.
  2. Studio Recording
    Studio Recording
    Professionally recorded in a studio by a radio announcer. The result has a clear, confident and friendly authority.
  3. Easy to Order
    Easy to Order
    The convenience of ordering on-line. Visit our Store and complete the secure order form, with payment by Visa or MasterCard. (PayPal a/c not needed).
Optometry Messages On Hold
MP3 audio file for phone systems in eyecare practices, delivered by email.
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  1. Demo Version
    Demo Version
    A demonstration version of the MP3 file can be downloaded from the Support page of this website. This allows you to hear the style and format of the recording.
  2. Optom Script
    Optom Script
    The script is written and updated by an experienced optometrist. The content is based upon popular questions from real patients. (The full script is on the Support page).
  3. Current & Topical
    Current & Topical
    The topics covered are contemporary and relevant. They range from vision information, like macular degeneration, to generic product information, like AR coatings.
  4. More Information
    More Information
    More information is available on the Support page. This includes installation instructions; the script; and the demonstration file.
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