The Optometry Team
The Optometry Team
FAQ: Contents of "The Optometry Team"
FAQ 00301
FAQ: Completing the Course in "The Optometry Team"
– For the Staff Member
FAQ 00302
Video: "What's New in the 4th Edition?"
– For the Optometrist
FAQ 00303
Book Review "The Optometry Team"
Book Review
The following samples are from "The Optometry Team". They are also useful resources for discussion at staff meetings:
Excerpt: Understanding Visual Acuity
Excerpt: Common Questions You May Be Asked By The Public
Excerpt 00401
Excerpt 00402
Excerpt: Delivering the New Spectacles
Excerpt: Contact Lens Types Available
Excerpt 00403
Excerpt 00404
Excerpt: Common Diseases of the Eye
Excerpt: Positive Communication –vs- "Your Spectacles Are Not Ready"
Excerpt 00405
Excerpt 00406
Excerpt: The Abbreviations We Use
Excerpt 00407
The Optometry Team
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