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The Optometry Team book
What Patients Want book
Hanks Near Eye Charts

The Optometry Team

Patients Want

​Eye Charts

Laminated A4 Hanks Near Eye Charts for use with a variety of near tasks.

Includes versions for Adults & Children.
Development for optometry support staff. Also useful for foundation studies by optometry students.

(4th Edition) 
How to grow your practice & prescribe the best solutions for your patients.
Useful for optometrists.

(1st Edition)
The Optometry Team
What Patients Want
Near-Point Eye Charts
Paediatric Eye Test Cards
Optometry Messages On Hold
Optometry Practice Management downloads

​Eye Test Cards

Optometry Messages
​On Hold

Optometry Practice

A set of laminated flash cards for measuring the vision of young children.

​Includes 66 cards.
MP3 file containing general optometry messages
for use on the phone system in your practice.

​(3:04 minutes - loop)
This website contains a collection of Free Downloads for use in your practice - both from our own Hanks files & from your colleagues.
Free Downloads
Paediatric Test Cards
Messages On Hold

Blog for Optometry Practice Growth

Optometry Growth Blog
Join the discussion for optometry practice growth and development in all countries.
"Shared Resources are the Best Resources"
Eye Charts & Books Prepared by a Colleague
It makes sense for colleagues to share things that work for their practices and their patients. For example, you could make your own near chart, but it wouldn't be the same quality that can be achieved with the economies of scale.
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  1. Paediatric test cards for visual acuity of young children
    Reduced Price
    Paediatric Test Cards have been reduced from $66 to $33 - a 50% discount and now just 50 cents per laminated card.
  2. Book titled The Optometry Team
    GST Removed
    All of the Hanks Eye Charts & Books are now sold GST Free.
  3. Staff meeting in an optometry practice
    Free Resources for Staff Meetings
    The free samples and exerpts on the "Support" pages are excellent for use in staff meetings.
  4. Messages on hold for optometrists
    Free Demo File
    Download the demonstration MP3 file from the Messages On Hold "Support" page.
  5. Downloads of resources for optometrists
    Free Downloads
    Visit the "Support" page for a links to Free downloads on this site
  1. Customer quote number 1
    Martin W - Optometrist
    "We appreciate the effort you put in to developing this resource. Thank yo so much for sharing it with us".
  2. Customer quote number 3
    Stephen Shawler - Essilor International
    "Eyecare professionals around the world will discover new ideas and techniques to help them better understand what patients really want. This book is a 'must have' for every practice".
  3. Customer quote number 4
    Linda C - Eyecare Assistant
    "It helped me with the areas that I needed to learn about, as well as reminding me about some that I already knew".
  4. Customer quote number 2
    Linda C - Eyecare Assistant
    "I found The Optometry Team very informative, straight forward and easy to understand".
  5. Customer quote number 5
    Stephen Shawler - Essilor International
    "Today's consumers are expecting more and more from their eyecare professionals. Dr Tony Hanks emphasizes all of the critical touch-points of what every practitioner should know when consumers enter their practices".

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