Q: Is delivery the same cost for every location - near or far?

YES.  We have deliberately set the delivery cost at a low cost, regardless of the location anywhere in the world.

This is then reasonable for local deliveries in Australia, while keeping the resources as affordable as possible in more distant locations.

Q: Is there a faster way of obtaining my delivery?

NO.  We do not currently offer courier delivery options.  All orders are lodged as small parcels with Australia Post and the final delivery time will be result of their logistics and the infrastructure in the destination country.

The result is that most orders are delivered in 5 to 7 days in Australia; and 10 to 20 days internationally.
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Q: Should I worry if my delivery is slow to arrive?

NO.  Firstly remember that we use a lower cost delivery option through Australia Post.  This is to keep costs down, but it is not as fast as a courier would be - that's just the reality of the trade off between time and money.

If your parcel has still not arrived in the timeframes described above, please contact us by email and we will be pleased to make enquiries from our side.
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Q: Do I need a PayPal account to use the Store?

NO.  A PayPal account is not required.  You can pay by using PayPal if you choose, or you can simply use a credit card.

Our secure online payment gateways are provided by 2 third party providers: PayPal or Stripe.
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Q: Can I obtain Hanks Eye Charts or Books for Free?

YES.  We currently have a special incentive for people who contribute to the shared resource downloads on this website.

If we share your resource we will be pleased to send you a free set of our 66 Paediatric Test Cards.  These are designed for measuring the visual acuity of children and are valued at $33.00 plus delivery.
​​YES.  To support eyecare education, we also provide resources at No Charge for use in registered Schools of Optometry. To apply, send your specific request to [email protected] including your institution's official email signature.
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Q: Can I place an order for payment on invoice?

YES.  However this is only possible for people who work for large organisations where the Purchasing Policies sometimes create difficulties.

This is only possible when we are able to establish the credit status of the organisation.  In nearly all cases it is much easier to place an order with your credit card and then claim reimbursement from your employer.  If you do want to enquire about an order with payment on invoice, complete the form on the Contact page. 
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If you still have a question about our resources, or the order process, contact us by email . . .

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