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On this website we have a philosophy of sharing useful resources with eyecare professionals from all countries.

There are a lot of proven resources for use in your practice; with the following being the most popular of our free downloads . . .
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Optometry Forms

Adult New Optometrist Patient Registration Form
Child New Optometrist Patient Registration Form
Visual Hygeine for Children

Optometry Forms:
New Patient - Adults

Optometry Forms:
New Patient - Children

Optometry Forms:
Visual Hygeine ​for Children

This form is designed for registration of new Adult patients. It collects information about contact details, insurance and health history. (A4).
This form is designed for registration of new Child patients. It collects information about contact details, insurance, health & symptoms. (A4).
This form summarises recommendations for Visual Hygeine in children. It's a useful handout covering things like lighting & working distances. (A4).
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New Pt Rego - Adult
New Pt Rego - Child
Visual Hygeine
Teacher's Observations for Visual case History
Optometrist Staff Meeting Items for Follow Up
Children's Vision Problems Handout
Diabetes and the Eye Handout

Optometry Forms:
Teacher's ​Observations

Optometry Forms: Staff Meeting Items for Follow-Up

Optometry Forms: Handout about Children's Vision 

Optometry Forms: Handout about Diabetic Eye Damage

This form is given to parents to pass on to the child patient's teacher so that they can report their observations about the child's vision. (A4)
Use this form to keep a record of outcomes from staff meetings and the items that will need to be followed up. Then review at the next meeting. (A4)
This form can be copied onto letterhead and used as a handout during community talks about "Children's Vision". (A4)
This form can be copied onto letterhead and used as a handout during community talks about "Diabetes & the Eye". (A4)
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Teacher's Observ.
Staff Mtg Minutes
Handout - Children
Handout - Diabetes
Employment Forms for Optometrists
Survey of New Optometrist Patients
Instructions for Eyelid Expression
Dot Maps for Perceptual Skills Therapy

Optometry Forms:

Optometry Forms:
Survey of ​New Patients

Optometry Forms: Instructions for Lid Expression

Optometry Forms:
Dot Maps ​for Skills Therapy

These are practical forms for employees in eyecare practices - "Applicant Evaluation", "Performance Review" & "Suggestion Form". (A4).
This survey will help to understand where patients are coming from. Measure the facts of what is working. Print & ask all new patients to complete. (A4).
This form summarises patient instructions for home therapy lid expression in order to achieve a healthy tear film. (A4).
These dot maps are used in cases of home-based visual perceptual skills therapy.

Set of 4 pages. (A4).
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Employment Forms
Survey of New Pts
Lid Expression
Dot Maps
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Optometry Clinical Aids

Snellen Eye Chart
Eye Test Chart
Astigmatism Test Chart

Visual Acuity ​Chart
- For use at 6M

Visual Acuity ​Chart
- For use at 3M

Hanks ​Astigmatism
Eye Chart

A normal visual acuity chart for viewing at 6M (20 Ft). This is a Snellen chart suitable for standardised testing. (Print on A3 paper & laminate).
Use in a standard sized room - viewing at 3M (10 Ft); so it's good to use during home vists, or for giving to local GP doctors. (Print on A4 paper & laminate).
This subjective test for astigmatism is suitable for screening with clock notation, or for indicating the approx cylinder axis. (Print on A4 paper & laminate).
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Distance VA Chart 6M
Distance VA Chart 3M
Astigmatism Chart
Amsler Grid Test Chart
Visual Acuity Conversion
Abbreviations for Optometrists

Conversion of VA  Results at Shorter Distances to 6 M

Conversion of VA Results at Shorter Distances to 20 Ft

Clinical ​Abbreviations
​for Optometry

Amsler Grid

This is a handy list of the standard abbreviations used by optometrists in clinical practice. Includes Anatomy, eye health, spectacles, CL, etc.
This standard Amsler Grid Test is suitable for giving to patients for home use. Includes instructions and room for the patient's details. (Print on A4)
VA is normally measured at 6M, but this is not always practical. This chart converts results that were measured at shorter distances.
VA is normally measured at 20Ft, but this is not always practical. This chart converts results that were measured at shorter distances.
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Amsler Grid Test
Convert VA (6/6)
Convert VA (20/20)
Optom Abbreviations
Clinical Criteria for Digital Retinal Imaging
Contact Lens Vertex Distance Correction
Contact Lens Radius to Power Conversion

Contact Lens Vertex
​Distance Correction

Keratometry Radius to
Power ​Conversion

Digital ​Retinal Imaging
- Suggested Clinical Criteria

A useful summary of the clinical criteria for when digital retinal imaging (DRI) is indicated for patients. (Print on A4)
The vertex distance between the lens and the eye makes a change to the prescription, especially in powers above +/-4D.
It is common for some instruments to measure in power (diopters), but for clinical information to be considered as radius; & vice-versa. 
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Criteria for DRI
CL Vertex Correction
Radius to Power
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Optical dispensing aids

Refractive Index of Spectacle Lens Materials
Spectacle Frame Wrap

Spectacle Lenses -
Refractive Index of Materials

Spectacle Frames -
Frame ​Wrap

Spectacle Lenses - Demonstrations for ​Dispensing

Two quick-reference tables for the effect of refractive index (n) on the finished lens thickness and weight. (Print in colour & laminate).
This chart allows for the measurement of "frame wrap" - important for some types of high powered, aspheric or progressive spectacle lenses.
These A4 pages can be printed in colour and used in support of explanations during the specification of new spectacles..
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Index of Lenses
Frame Wrap
Dispensing Demos
Spectacle Lens Layout Chart
Chromatism in Spectacle Lenses

Spectacle Lenses -
Features ​& Benefits

The Impact of

Spectacle Lenses -
Lens Layout Chart

Spectacle Lenses -
​Noticeable Chromatism

A feature is what something "Is", but a benefit it what something "Does". This table summarises the benefits of common lens features.
It's easy to discount a price, but this table summarises the increase in sales that is needed to offset different discount levels.
Chart used to calculate blank diameter, lens cutout, progressive heights, monocular PD's and centration. 
Worksheet to calculate the distance from the lens centre where patients will notice chromatism in high powered lenses. (Print & photocopy to use). 
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Features & Benefits
Impact of Discounting
Lens Layout Chart
Clinical Chromatism
Spectacle Lens Blank Size

Spectacle Lenses -
​Lens Blank Size

Worksheet to calculate the minimum spectacle lens blank size. Make sure ordered lenses will be big enough but not too big. (Print & photocopy to use). 
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Spec Lens Blank Size
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