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The Optometry Team - Contents of the Book

FAQ 00301

The Optometry Team - Completing the Course

– For the Staff Member
FAQ 00302
Video: "What's New in the 4th Edition?"
– For the Supervising Optometrist
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The Optometry Team - Book Review

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Book Review

The Optometry Team - Excerpts

The following samples are from "The Optometry Team". They are also useful resources for discussion at staff meetings:

Understanding Visual Acuity

Common Questions You May Be Asked By The Public

Excerpt 00401
Excerpt 00402

Delivering the New Spectacles

Contact Lens Types Available

Excerpt 00403
Excerpt 00404

Common Diseases of the Eye

Positive Communication -vs- "Your Spectacles Are Not Ready"

Excerpt 00405
Excerpt 00406

The Abbreviations We Use in Optometry

Excerpt 00407
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