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The Optometry Team book
  1. Optometry Staff Training
    Develop Skills
    Addresses the problem of in-practice skills and training for support staff. Each staff member will benefit from having their own copy of this workbook - both new & existing staff.
  2. Optometry team book
    Practical Solution
    A practical development manual for optometry support staff. this book is also useful for foundation studies by optometry students.
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New 4th Edition

The new 4th Edition has been expanded to almost 400 pages, printed in colour throughout.
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  1. Tony Hanks
    Well-known optometrist Tony Hanks wrote "The Optometry Team" because he could not find an existing resource to achieve his goal of educating new staff. This resource is now available to colleagues.
  2. optometry practice development
    Job-specific training in an illustrated and note-style format which is easily understood by practice staff. They will all find the book valuable and it is anticipated that practices will provide a copy for each team member.
  3. optometry practice management
    This book includes feedback pages to allow staff to check their progress. There's also a summary page for the supervising optometrist to monitor progress.
  4. optometry practice growth
    Almost 400 pages covering a comprehensive range of topics in the areas of General Optometry, Eye Health, Frames, Lenses, Contact Lenses, Dispensing, Development & Marketing, Office Procedures, etc
Receive a free enamelled metal badge with each book ordered - only while stocks last. Eligible to be worn on completion of the Optometry Team course. (Value AUD$12).
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Examples of Pages in "The Optometry Team"​​ ​ - 4th Edition . .
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  16. Sample Page 16
  17. Sample Page 17
  18. Sample Page 18
  19. Sample Page 19
  20. Sample Page 20
  21. Sample Page 21
  22. Sample Page 22
  23. Sample Page 23
  24. Sample Page 24
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