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Eye test flash cards
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  2. eye flash cards
    Child Optotypes
    Hanks Paediatric Optotypes are symbols calibrated for visual acuity from 6/60 to 6/4 (20/200 to 20/14). They have also been tested in clinical trials to confirm recognition of the symbols by young children.
  3. Paediatric test cards
    Paediatric Testing
    Hanks Paediatric Test Cards were developed by an experienced optometrist and are designed for use when testing the vision of young children.
A collection of 66 test cards – ideal for use during vision examinations of young children.
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  1. Colour Bars
    Colour Bars
    Red bars have the same clinical "crowding" effect as black bars, while also improving the subject's interest. Visual acuity from 6/30 to 6/4 (20/100 to 20/14).
  2. Illiterate E
    Illiterate E
    Illiterate E charts for visual acuity from 6/60 to 6/4 (20/100 to 20/14). The set also includes a useful conversion table for when VA is measured at shorter distances.
  3. TGA & Laminated
    TGA & Laminated
    Medical Device (Class 1) with the Aust Therapeutic Goods Admin – ARTG Record No 164851. Durable heavy lamination & a convenient flippable "O Ring" binding.
  4. Binocularity
    Tests for Binocularity and Fixation Disparity are also included. These have been designed for use with standard red/green anaglyph glasses (not included).
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