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The following special offers are currently available on this website . . . 
Hanks Paediatric Test Cards include 66 laminated cards for the assessment of visual acuity in children. These were originally Aust$66.00 per set and are now available at half price. 
Paediatric Test Cards
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Receive an enamelled completion badge with all orders of The Optometry Team, while stocks last. These badges were Aust$12.00 each and are now available free with new orders. 
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Enamel Completion Badge
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One of the most popular pages on our website is the Free Downloads of Shared Resources. If we share your resource on this website, we will reward you by sending a FREE set of our 66 Pediatric Test Cards.  
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Paediatric Test Cards
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To support eyecare education, we also provide resources at No Charge for use in registered Schools of Optometry. To apply, send your specific request to [email protected] including your institution's official email signature.  
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Resources for Schools of Optometry in All Countries
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